Parental Help

The Association is committed to delivering a balanced and challenging programme for young people between six and twenty years of age, and will continue to adapt its methods over the coming years to ensure that the ever changing needs of young people in society are met.

We are unable to provide the challenging programmes required for the children to achieve the goals of the Scout Association without sufficient Leaders and Helpers.   These can come in many forms, including from the ‘full Monty’, of uniformed, fully trained Leader, to the ad hoc parent helper, who comes and helps out when their name appears on a weekly parent rota.

We welcome any parents prepared to help in any of the Sections, and we find that they actually enjoy themselves enormously.    Parents with special knowledge and experience can help to run evenings on activities as diverse as computers, cookery, knots, etc.  You would be surprised at what skills you may have that would be useful to us!  We have had dads in to help build go-karts with the scouts and also assisted in building model planes.

Sonning Scouts is currently very short of Leaders and so parents of all of the children in the Group are expected to help out in any way that they can.  Each Section in Sonning currently runs a mandatory rota for all parents to help out at the weekly meetings.    Click Contact Us to volunteer

Listed below are the various level of helpers that we require.

Beaver / Cub / Scout Leader / Assistant Leader

  • Uniformed Leader
  • undergoes professional training for the Scout Association
  • organising programmes
  • running meetings
  • taking children on outings & camps
  • managing finances of individual Section
  • managing subscriptions of individual Section

Permanent Helper

  • no uniform necessary,  no training necessary
  • attends meetings regularly to help Leader run activities
  • helps Leader with paperwork (subs, attendance, etc.)

Specialist Helper / Instructor

  • no uniform necessary
  • helps organise specialist activity (i.e. proficiency badge, special event)
  • has special skills
    (e.g. computing, map/compass work, fireman, cook, etc.)

Weekly Parent Helper

  • helps Leaders only when required on Parent Rota List

Executive Committee member

  • manages financial matters for group
  • involved in decision making for Group on policies & expenditure
  • organises fund raising activities
  • Organises Leader / Helper recruitment

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